xanadu1 hadapan ella falls sri lanka

Hadapan Ella Falls

Mountain bungalow retreat the Xanadu 1 will be an ideal place for you, if you are a fan of waterfalls. The bungalow is situated facing Hadapan Ella Falls which cascades proudly while showing off her majesty. Hadapan when translated means Moonlight.

The small beautiful bungalow is surrounded by mountains and tea plantations. The sound of water will relax you and the surrounding will engulf you with its beauty. We will make sure that you will enjoy every bit of the stay. Once you get into the cold water, you will feel the difference. 

This lovely bungalow is located at the edge of the forest with a lovely setting. If you actually want to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, this bungalow must-see. Simply putting your toes in these cold water springs can take you to another world. You will see the most prettiest mornings with white clouds and mist. 

For those who are looking for a cool place to simply relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the bungalow’s spacious front porch is just the spot. Put your feet up and chill with your family and friends, enjoying the foods and drinks served by the staff. At night, outdoor temperatures can dip to moderate 18-degrees. So be prepared. A mug of beer does wonders to keep the conversation flowing. The bungalow is also just the place to spend a romantic evening, gazing at the heavens, which are a brilliant display on a clear, moonless night. Or else, stay indoors and snuggle up on your holiday with a hot cuppa and your favourite book, or watch cable TV or a DVD on the comfy sofa.

You can also enjoy a tasty BBQ at the bungalow at your request.