Upgrade Your Experience

Nestled high atop the misty hills of Rakwana is a small bungalow, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and all the necessary amenities and comforts requisite of such a place. Situated at a lofty height of 3,000 feet above sea level, Xanadu 1 offers a spectacular view of the Handapan Ella Falls and the surrounding hills and the dense vegetation of The Sinharaja Rainforest. The Sinharaja Rainforest is one of the most prized National Heritages of Sri Lanka, known for its rich, endemic biodiversity.

When it comes to outdoor activities, there is a wide range to choose from. The immediate surroundings offer such delights as birdwatching, trekking in mid-country tea plantations or bathing in the pristine spring that flows through the 36 acre lush estate that surrounds the bungalow.


Haven in the hills

If you are looking for a more serious adventure, you could hike over to the adjoining Sinharaja Rainforest or visit the nearby Uda Walawe National Park, which is just an hour’s drive from the bungalow. The view from the garden is spectacular at dawn, with the sky and hills adorning strange colours. On a clear morning, you can even see the Uda Walawe Irrigation Tank at a distance. Visitors may bring their own food supplies and can leave the cooking to the caretaker or food can be provided with prior notice. The staff, who prepares wonderful Sri Lankan and Western dishes can satisfy the heartiest of appetites, brought about by the great climate and abundant outdoor activities.

Xanadu1 Bungalow in Sri Lanka